``Another Way Out'' takes Y&R plotline state at time of publication and shows that there are interesting places right around the corner. The goal, besides having some fun with good-natured parody, is to challenge the notion that we must be mired in certain tired plotlines for months just to have a good time. There is always another way out...

``Another Way Out'' by Kent M. Pitman


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Episode 143 (Gold Meddling)
Episode 142 (Witchy Watchy)
Episode 141 (Ill-Conceived)
Episode 140 (Malcolm's Ex)
Episode 139 (Crazy High)
Episode 138 (Double Rubble)
Episode 137 (Revivor)
Episode 136 (Pill Age)



Episode 22 (All Dressed Up With No Place To Go)
Episode 33 (Jurassic Pack)
Episode 37 (The Wheels of Justice)
Episode 38 (Speechless in Seattle)
Episode 41 (Who Killed Sasha?)
Episode 47 (Who Killed Veronica?)
Episode 68 (Sharon's Case)
Episode 69 (Come And Get It)
Episode 72 (Oft Spring)
Episode 89 (Musical Shares)
Episode 100 (Grin And Bare It)
Episode 127 (The Tragedy of Billy And Mac)


Episode 19 (Justice Is Served)

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